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As a family photographer, have you specialized in maternity photos and baby photo shoots? Great idea! Couples are fond of these pretty photos which adorn their family walls! Because everyone dreams of an original and personalized pregnancy photo, in this article we offer you the latest trends for 2022. Find 3 staging ideas as well as the accessories (our specialty!) that accompany them!


The 2022 trends in maternity photos
Trend #1: The minimalist pregnancy photo
Trend #2: The graphic and powerful pregnancy photo
Trend #3: The bohemian-inspired pregnancy photo
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2022 pregnancy photo trends

Some trends are immutable: highlighting the rounded belly of a pregnant woman is one of them! This is the center of any pregnancy photo today.

That being said, the way of photographing pregnant women has evolved a lot. X very different trends stand out. We are sure that one of them should appeal to the future parents who contact you!

💡Our tip : to prepare for your maternity photo sessions , present these different maternity photo inspirations to parents to find out which one they naturally gravitate towards!

The minimalist pregnancy photo focused on the mother

The first 2022 trend that we want to share with you is not new. However, it continues in 2022 and certainly for several more years! This is a minimalist photo, focused on the mother.

An idea for staging a pregnancy

The pregnant woman is standing, on a neutral or colored background. Delicately made-up, she is wrapped in a long, delicate, transparent kimono, which reveals her curves and opens onto her rounded stomach. The mother-to-be does not look directly at the camera and places her hands around her stomach in a protective gesture.

Focus on a maternity photo accessory: the maternity kimono

The maternity kimono is here the only item of clothing worn by the mother-to-be. Wide on the sleeves, slightly transparent, it can be closed with a tie just below the chest to protect the modesty of the model of the day and highlight her stomach.

Our recommendation >> The satin kimono proposed by Access Shooting

Graphic, powerful pregnancy photo idea

This last inspiration echoes the first inspiration but is more contemporary, less gentle, more powerful. The mother-to-be's curves are sculpted in tight clothing and she poses in a power pose that contrasts with the softness that emanated from the two previous inspirations. #powermama

A staging idea

With her hand placed on her stomach and her foot slightly raised on a seat, the mother-to-be looks towards the future. She is dressed in a bodysuit which highlights the roundness of her stomach while emphasizing her feminine curves. The photo is graphic, contrasting.

Focus on an accessory: The high stool

Although the stool should in no case attract the eye first, it nonetheless remains an essential accessory for this shot! What matters is both its color (the more distinct it is from the mother's clothes, the more it will stand out), its shape and its material (wood has a super photogenic raw side).

Our recommendation >> The ideal high teak stool for seating your models.

An alternative to this scenario:

What if you brought the whole family together in this shot? This is the alternative that we offer you here. The second half of the couple or the future eldest of the family can quite find their place in this bucolic pregnancy photo.

Our recommendation >> The white cube for seating the whole family is an excellent idea to put your models at ease and create an image where they are elegant and complicit.

The bohemian pregnancy photo

This second trend is more recent and echoes the aesthetic of bohemian chic and boho weddings. While the previous photo was taken indoors, in the privacy of the photo studio, this maternity photo inspiration is taken outdoors. It therefore requires greater identification.

An idea for staging a future mother

The mother-to-be walks in nature. The landscape around her evokes nature, freedom, gentleness. She moves slowly, her eyes drawn to her stomach and her hands placed all around it. Her clothes cover her stomach and particularly emphasize it.

Focus on a maternity photo accessory: the maternity dress

If the maternity dress for a maternity shoot must be discreet, it must also perfectly highlight the shapes of future mothers – their stomach, their curves. They should feel comfortable and beautiful. It will also be interesting to choose it light so that it follows the movement of the body of the mother-to-be.

Our recommendation >> A pretty loose maternity dress. On Access Shooting, find our powder pink satin dress .

More staging ideas!

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