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Are you a photographer and have you just started food photography? Discover our new favorite to make your life easier: the culinary photo kit. Its goal ? Help you accessorize your culinary photo sessions with two culinary photo kits with different orientations. Elegant or natural table: you choose, you compose, you photograph!

What is a Culinary Photo Kit?

A photo kit brings together decorative elements and technical solutions to help you stage your photos. The goal: to bring together all the elements you need in one box.

A culinary photo kit is designed more specifically for the kitchen. It brings together the elements you need to succeed in your food photos. For example, you will find photo backgrounds to enhance your photos and choose your ideal setting, accessories to add decoration and a theme to your photos, reflectors to change the color of your light according to your desires...

Even more, photo kits allow you to compose the look you want to give to your vintage, modern or even atypical photos. You will find all the accessories and materials necessary to achieve your most beautiful culinary photos. All you have to do is give way to your imagination and take your photos!

What is a Culinary Photo Kit for?

The Photo Kit is a useful tool for photographers who want to take their food photography to the next level. Even more, it saves you time: no need to run around the stores looking for elements that go together – you take the kit that corresponds to the universe you want and go! You photograph!

What elements does the Culinary Photo Kit consist of?

Our two food photo kits have two different themes, each of which can give a particular style to your photos. They all feature background elements, tableware and table linen elements and a round reflector to adjust the light in your shots.

Kit for getting started in food photography: An elegant table

  • NEW Concrete photo background
  • Blue gray ceramic plate and bowl - Plate + bowl duo
  • Gold cutlery set - Set of 3 cutlery
  • 100% natural linen tea towel
  • Round reflector 110 cm 5-in-1

Kit for getting started in food photography: Beautiful natural materials

  • NEW Marble Photo Background
  • Set of 2 wooden cutting boards
  • Duo of olive wood spoons
  • Rust linen tea towel
  • Round reflector 110 cm 5-in-1

How to use the food photo kit?

The food photography photo kit allows you to have the main tools necessary to start in the field and create your first compositions. This is made up of a rigid marble-look background, a duo of wooden spoons, as well as two wooden boards, with its 5 and 1 reflector which will allow you to add or reduce the light in your photo. These elements will help you to compose your photographic style. Choose the theme you want to put in the spotlight and create an appetizing culinary composition around it.

To use it, you just have to go with your instinct, place the objects as your imagination and your creation dictates to you and then embellish your photo with the different components of the kit at your disposal. Once ready, start creating your own world of food photography, with your cameras and photos!

What is the right food photography kit for me?

Kit for getting started in food photography: An elegant table

As its name suggests, the An elegant table culinary photo kit allows you to set… an elegant and tastefully decorated table, composed of a set of golden cutlery and a concrete background to give a natural background to your scene . This kit will be perfect if you work with bistronomy brands or with brands wanting a simple and elegant decoration for their dishes.

Kit for getting started in food photography: Beautiful natural materials

The Beautiful natural materials culinary photo kit places the emphasis on noble and natural materials: the linen of the tea towel, the marble of the photo background and the raw wood of the cutting boards. Perfect for highlighting noble products and recipes focused on natural products!

How to take successful food photos?

Culinary photography is a special discipline of photography! While the plates look beautiful in reality, the slightest crumb can ruin a shot. This is why it is essential to be extremely meticulous and to be well equipped!

Be meticulous

Food photography is a particularly demanding type of photography. The slightest crumb, the slightest misplaced drop of water, the slightest stain... all these little details tarnish the best food photos! This is why it is essential to be ultra precise in your assembly and plate preparation.

Use the right equipment

#1 Use the right camera

First step! Have a good camera! Chances are you're already equipped if you're considering getting into food photography. Do not hesitate to get advice on which devices to choose whether you are a beginner or a more experienced photographer. We can only recommend IPLN for all photo equipment.

#2 Use the right goals

As with the camera which is essential to immortalize superb shots, it is essential to have a suitable lens. More than the camera, it does everything! There is no specific lens for food photography, however, to take beautiful photos, we will like to use lenses with a focal length close to human vision, such as 50 mm or 85 mm lenses. There are several brands at very different prices.

#3 Have photo funds

Have photo funds. Photo backgrounds allow you to add color and atmosphere to your image. It is interesting to have paper photo backgrounds (for the background of your image) and table/concrete imitation vinyl photo backgrounds. These are very useful for flatlay photos because they imitate the surface of a table and you can easily clean them without damaging them.

Rigid bottom. The rigid photo backgrounds offered by Access Shooting are created for product and food photographers. They are pretty and solid, which ensures excellent longevity. In addition to their versatility and portability, hardbacks are actually printing on a hard backing. They are available in a wide range of designs. This makes it easier to find a background that will complement your subject and help you create the look you want for your photos.

Hand painted photo background. It will allow you to have the satisfaction of having created your own universe, have a style of your own and provide you with the real result that you had imagined. A hand-painted photo background can add a unique and personal touch to your photos. It can be customized to match the colors and style of your subject, and it can help you create a more cohesive look for your photos. His fault? The time it will take to create.

#4 Have the right accessories for food photography

Having the right accessories will make your photo sessions easier and save you time when taking photographs! We think in particular:

  • the tripod: essential for food photography, it will stabilize your camera and allow you to take sharper photos even in low light conditions;
  • the Live View cable: it connects your computer to your camera and allows you to see in real time on your screen what you are taking a photo of (also perfect if you work in the presence of curious customers);
  • a reflector for light: it adds light in a dark place, reinforces contrasts or beautifies your scene

#5 Have settings that tell a story

Depending on the story you want to tell with your photo (natural and raw ingredients, delicate meal, romantic dinner, etc.), the settings are important to create an atmosphere! Our culinary photo kits both set up a very specific universe: an elegant environment for one and a more natural environment for the other.

Receive training

Last idea to develop your talents in food photography: follow training dedicated to this practice! You will find them on training sites, notably on Empara , which offers great online training for photographers. But also numerous dedicated articles on the website of the photographer Pastry & travel .

Do you want to go further and learn more about food photography and its applications as a photographer? Find our article Getting started with culinary photography: specifics, equipment, opportunities !


Culinary photo kits are our new favorite products! What other photo kits do you use and look for for your food shots? What do you generally need? What do you use every day but are missing from our store? Tell us !

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