Who are we ?

Who are we ?

"A French site, bringing together all the accessories necessary for a photo shoot"

As a professional photographer since 2012, I specialize in portraiture, packshots and fashion photography. Having devoted many years to practicing my profession in a photo studio, I have constantly been confronted with a recurring challenge: the lack of specific accessories for each session.

photo. This frustrating situation was wasting precious time, forcing me to travel from store to store, as well as endless searches on various websites in search of products from all over the world. I sometimes even found myself forced to make certain accessories myself to meet my specific needs.

It was through this repeated experience that the idea of ​​creating a French site, bringing together all the accessories necessary for a photo shoot, finally saw the light of day. As I immersed myself in this idea, I quickly realized that my personal problem was shared by many fellow photographers. So, I decided to put my skills and know-how at the service of the community by offering them a practical and complete solution.

It was essential for me to offer environmentally friendly products , while guaranteeing impeccable quality. Although the prices of my products may be slightly higher than those of other sites, I can assure my customers that 80% of them are manufactured in Europe, favoring local artisans and respecting strict quality standards .

After months of hard work, searching for partners and selecting the best accessories on the market, September 2022 has finally arrived, marking the culmination of this project. Now, photographers from all backgrounds can discover our catalog of quality accessories, specially designed to meet their staging needs.

CEO and founder of Access Shooting
SCM and founder of Access Shooting