3 staging ideas for your baby photos

Are you a family photographer, specializing in maternity photos and baby photo shoots? Because it is necessary to always reinvent yourself to have fun and to adapt to the families you meet, in this article we have gathered X ideas for staging your baby photos. We have shared selected images in our Baby Photography Pinterest board : don't hesitate to subscribe to receive new inspiring photos in your feed regularly!


The 2022 trends in birth photos
Trend #1: A minimalist baby
Trend #2: Protective and tender hands
Trend #3: The flower baby

2022 trends in birth photos

In 2022, birth announcements are still adorned with baby photos! (Yes, we know, it's surprising, isn't it?)

However, the way of photographing newborns has evolved a lot and we can currently distinguish three very different trends which should appeal to new parents who call on you!

Present them to parents in advance to know which one you will choose for your baby photo shoot!

A minimalist baby

This first 2022 trend has been established for several years but it continues in 2022. It is minimalism.

A staging idea

The child is posed naked, free or swaddled, on a white or neutral background. He is photographed from above. Most often he is sleeping or seems very calm. The colors are very pale, most often the entire image, apart from the child's bare skin, is white or cream. Except for the cover that covers it, no accessories are present in the frame.

Focus on a baby photo accessory: the baby blanket

The blanket is the only accessory in this baby photo scene. This is why it is essential that it is beautiful without taking over the child. Prefer it plain and textured (in large knits for example), to add volume to the image. Don't make it too big to avoid it occupying the entire frame or being too folded.

Our recommendation >> A pretty ecru cover with a little lace, a magical photo guaranteed!

Protective and tender hands

This second trend is much more recent. It mixes inspirations from the minimalist trend and that of the family portrait, where the parents pose with the child. While the parents – and especially the mother – were often in the spotlight in baby photos, this new trend tends to bring them into the frame while putting the newborn in the spotlight.

An idea for staging a baby photo

The baby is swaddled in a sling or dressed in a light, plain bodysuit. Placed on a white background, he sleeps or appears calm. He is peaceful. Each of his parents places a protective hand on him. His parents' hands and forearms are the only thing that can be seen of them.

Focus on a baby photo accessory: the scarf

Just as the blanket was the only accessory that could be seen in the previous trend, the swaddling scarf is the only accessory in this staging. In the same way, you have to choose it carefully! Prefer it plain, soft and fine. It must be pleasant for the child during the photo shoot and it must fit the child in the image so as to highlight it. Consider having safety pins with you to hold it in place without risking injury to the child.

An alternative to this staging

The baby you are about to photograph cannot stand being swaddled or the parents are not particularly fond of this type of staging? You may prefer to dress it in a cute bodysuit or underwear. Opt for a simple garment, without frills, in neutral and soft colors (white, cream, gray) so that its color does not take precedence over the newborn.

The “flower” baby

This latest 2022 baby photo staging trend contrasts enormously with the two previous ones and for good reason: it is particularly elaborate and the child finds himself at the center of a real staging! If it will be mainly requested for little girls, you can also offer it for boys with different plants: if flowers are associated with little girls, dried plants like eucalyptus or sprigs of wheat may be less marked.

A staging idea

The child is placed in a large wicker basket placed on the ground. The two scenarios that follow offer you two alternatives: the baby in a flowered bodysuit is placed on a white sheet framed by a few flowers or placed directly swaddled in an armful of flowers. The flowered bodysuit plays a reminder role with the flowers placed around it and prevents the center of the photo from being too white, while the white scarf which swaddles the child placed in the armful of flowers allows the child to breathe. image and make it more readable. The photo is taken from above.

Focus on an accessory: The WOODEN CONTAINER.

Another alternative, a pretty wicker basket. Did you know ? France still has artisans specializing in wicker – they are called basket makers. Choose a quality basket, woven in France, in order to have a nice story to tell the parents during the photo session.

Beyond the floral bodysuit, the white scarf and flowers, dried or fresh, the essential accessory for this birth photo staging is the wooden container. It must be large enough to contain a child and surround them perfectly.

Our recommendation

>> A wooden crate to place a sleeping baby.

>> A wooden basket for a beautiful display .

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Are you a professional photographer and you work in the world of maternity, baby and family photos? What interests you about this activity? What are the difficulties you encounter? What accessories are you missing?

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