10 Christmas gift ideas for a photographer

In a few weeks, it's already Christmas! Are you looking for a gift to please a photographer, beginner or experienced? Then you are in the right place. With the end of year holidays approaching, we have selected for you a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas to please one of your loved ones. Beyond the classic SLR cameras and film cameras, there are also plenty of other gifts that can be fun on a lower budget, even if you don't know anything about them!

Amateur photographer or professional photographer, here are some ideas for your Christmas list or to please your friend, your dad, your sister, your little cousin who is a photography fan. Go to find him the ideal gift among our list of 10 Christmas gift ideas for photographers!

1. A mini gray chart

Made in France, in a credit card format, this creation is a genius idea! Any photographer, beginner or experienced, will recognize its usefulness! It is ideal for adjusting your white balance very easily and its format allows you to have it with you everywhere.

For who ? All photographers!
It's a good idea: You will surprise your photographer loved one with this original and useful gift!

2. A book about photography

We inevitably think of the Eyrolles publishing house and its very qualitative “photo” collection. Lovely books on lots of different subjects. From portraits to landscapes, studio photos, photo challenges, there is something for everyone and your loved one should find inspiration for their future photos!

For who ? All photographers!
It's a good idea: Remember to find out about your loved one's favorite themes to choose the one that will appeal to them the most!
We particularly like: In bulk, Photographing newborns by Emilie Zangarelli , The magic of Cyanotype, Immortalizing nature , by Carasco and Corporate portrait by Milena Perdriel .

3. Photo kits, ideal for starting out or changing your style!

Do you want to spoil a loved one who is just starting out in photography? What if you gave him a photo kit! These kits contain a set of essential elements for getting started in photography. It is ideal for your loved one because they have everything within reach and ideal for you because we have selected for you because you are not mistaken! Small bonus: the price of the elements is reduced if you opt for a kit!

Culinary photo kits

Food photography is a very particular genre of photography where gluttony must be expressed. We offer two kits with different atmospheres: a natural kit, with wooden elements, and a more elegant kit, where marble is in the spotlight. They include textured photo backgrounds and different accessories to spruce up your food photos!

For who ? Food bloggers and professional photographers specializing in food photography
It's a good idea: For Instagram and cooking aficionados who are trying to make their food shots a little prettier!

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Packshot photo kits

Product photography, also called packshot photography, is a type of photography which, as its name suggests, involves highlighting products. The kit we are offering you includes a mirror and promontories of different heights and shapes.

For who ? Entrepreneurs who sell small products (cosmetics, food, etc.) and professional photographers who plan to specialize in product photography
This is a good idea: For your loved one who has just started a business and is looking for solutions to boost their product photos!

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4. A duo of stationery for the office to get organized

Is your close photographer self-employed? We say YES to office accessories. Ideal for getting organized, the TO DO LIST notepad is a must-have. We don't hesitate to complete the little gift with the monthly planner to hang on the wall or place as a desk pad.

For who ? Independent photographers who are overwhelmed with tasks!
It's a good idea: It's a low-budget gift that will please everyone!

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5. A lensball to try new things

A small accessory that's easy to slip into your bag, the lensball is a way to gain creativity and make new images. Reflections, light effects, conflicting perspectives... New possibilities are available to the photo fan to whom you will offer this pretty lensball and its protective box! And not to spoil anything, the object is beautiful!

For who ? Passionate photographers who love trying new styles
It's a good idea: Is your favorite photographer always finding new angles and loves trying new perspectives? This object will stimulate his creativity!

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6. A little decoration for packshot photographers

In photography, small decoration is a good way to play with perspectives, effects and images. Having several mirror shapes (arch, round, square, etc.) allows you to instantly add character to photographs. As for the supports, they are nice accessories for highlighting and photographing small objects. Having several supports, of different shapes and heights, gives depth to product photos! Even more, these elements can be integrated into everyday decoration: no need to have your own studio to enjoy them!

For who ? Amateur and professional photographers
This is a good idea: If your loved one is a professional photographer specializing in packshot photography, they can easily use these settings in their services!

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7. A pop photo background for photo studio photographers

Photo backdrops are rolls of colored paper that allow photographers to add some pep to their photo studio shoot. Because the backgrounds are expensive, photographers, even professionals, are often content to take classic and neutral colors to satisfy as many of their clients as possible. A gift is an opportunity to revive their photo backgrounds by opting for more fun colors, like orange or lilac!

For who ? Professional photographers
This is a good idea: If your loved one has a photo background support or if they regularly work in a photo studio. Be careful with the size of the support though!

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8. Stepladders for professional photographers

This is definitely a gift you hadn't thought of! The wooden stepladder made in France is a rather original gift idea. With two or three steps, it is used for individual photos or when taking group photos to create depth effects. It is possible to cover it with a fabric to change its color or give it a draped effect.

In addition to finding its perfect place in a photo studio or workshop, it can also easily find its place in a smaller apartment, as extra furniture for example!

For who ? Professional photographers
It's a good idea: If your loved one regularly practices portrait photography and regularly welcomes models and groups to their studio, they will be delighted to adopt a podium to highlight their models!

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An alternative to the stepladder: A pretty stool

Did you find the idea of ​​a podium interesting to accompany your loved one's photography activity but it is too big? Why not opt ​​for a pretty high stool? High stools are also popular with photographers for taking group photos or corporate photos. Narrower than a podium, the stool can fit more easily into a small space.

For who ? Professional photographers
It's a good idea: If your loved one regularly practices portrait or corporate photography, they will be delighted to adopt a podium to highlight their models!

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9. A camera cleaning kit

Less expensive and less technical than buying a camera, the camera cleaning kit is almost as useful... Who could take beautiful photos with fingerprints on their lens? Compact and cute, a cleaning kit is a good, inexpensive gift idea for photographers!

For who ? All photographers
It's a good idea: For a photographer who likes to take care of his equipment, and for others... to encourage them to do so.

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10. A gift card on Access Shooting

You're not sure you'll please because you don't know much about photography? Unless you are too late to make your gift (allow 3 working days to receive your order on Access Shooting!). Rather than missing out, opt for a gift card on our site: your favorite photographer can treat themselves and choose what they need! The gift voucher will be available within 10 hours maximum, you will receive it by email.

For who ? All photographers!
This is a good idea: If you're afraid of missing out and you're a little late!

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And of course, if you have a more precise idea of ​​what would please him, you can visit our entire store .

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